Capture the essence of your research in a brief and captivating summary.
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Plain Language Summary

Let us make a powerful and concise summary of your research to generate significant awareness and promotion of your work.

Create a summary of your manuscript that can be easily
shared, leading to increased visibility and readership.

  • Use it to influence academics, researchers, or anyone who might be curious about your work
  • Simplify complex information in a format that is easy to understand, making it more accessible to patients and to a non-specialist audience.
  • Present your work in a short summary that is appealing
  • Use it to pitch to funders who can consider applications for future grants
  • Your plain language summary is created by experienced scientific writers and senior reviewers
$275 5-6 days

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How it works?


Step 1

Share your revised or accepted manuscript along with the supporting files.

Step 2

Our scientific writer summarizes your research

Step 3

Senior reviewer checks the summary for scientific accuracy

Step 4

Approve and download your final plain language summary file

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Frequently Asked Questions

A plain language summary is a concise and simplified version of a document or text, written in clear and straightforward language. It aims to communicate the main points and key findings of the original content in a way that is easily understandable to a wide audience, including those without specialized knowledge in the subject matter. The purpose of a plain language summary is to make complex information more accessible, increase readability, and ensure that important information is effectively conveyed to a broader audience.
Minor revisions including textual changes will be accommodated for free for you.
Our team of scientific writers will communicate your research findings accurately using language that is easy to understand by non-experts. A senior reviewer will check the summary for quality assurance.
We summarize your research article in plain language that is suitable for a lay audience. Our standard lay summary service will provide you with a 250-word summary, with structured subheadings to help readers understand your research and how it fits into the broader context.
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