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English Language Editing Services

Enhance your writing with our English language editing service to enhance accuracy, style, and credibility, captivating readers and saving you time.

English Language Editing

Advanced Editing

Editors with subject-matter expertise work on the language and grammar of your manuscript to deliver a well-written, perfectly formatted manuscript that meets the high global publication standards.
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Premium Editing

Premium Editing

Senior editors make structural changes to your manuscript to ensure your ideas are presented in the most logical and consistent format for publication in a high-impact journal. Your manuscript is checked for logic, flow, grammar, and language.
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Scientific Editing

Scientific Editing

A senior science editor with 20+ years of experience, a managing editor, and a top journal peer reviewer (from top journals) conduct an in-depth editing and review of your manuscript substantially increase your chances of publication.
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Advanced Editing
Advanced Editing
Premium Editing
High Impact
Scientific Editing
Who should choose this service?
A researcher or academic who wants comprehensive language editing.
A non-native English speaker who wants to ensure their document is free from spelling and grammar errors before submitting it.
It is ideal for individuals who require in-depth language editing, rigorous peer review analysis, and assistance in meeting the specific guidelines and standards of scientific publications.

Language Editing Components

Spelling, punctuation, and grammar
Sentence structure and terminology check
Presentation check (logic, clarity, and flow)
Journal cover letter and manuscript
assessment report
20% Word count reduction
Helps you present your research in a concise way while retaining your original intended meaning.
Upto 10%
Upto 20%
Upto 20%
Reference check
Consistency and Accuracy
Consistency and Accuracy
Consistency and Accuracy

Increase Publication Chances

In-depth technical review conducted by peer reviewers for high-impact journals and manuscript's journal readiness reviewed by our managing editors
Reduces your chances of rejection
Editing by editors with average 20+ years' experience

Journal Readiness Essentials

Reviewer response letter editing
Helps you respond to the journal feedback more precisely.
Crosschecking responses with revised manuscript
Manuscript Formatting for your target journal

Post-Edit Support

Unlimited editor Q&A
Letter from your editor
Editing certificate
Re-editing support for 365 days
( Up to 20% of the original word count)
Upto 60%
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Benefits of Choosing our English Language Editing

Three levels of

To better support all researchers, we offer three levels of English editing services.

Standard Editing: we correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage errors. However, our editors do not enhance the style or flow of your manuscript...

Special Benefits of Scientific Editing

Our Scientific Editing service offers an in-depth peer review analysis that enhances your chances of publication in prestigious journals. You'll receive a carefully edited manuscript for language, accuracy, and tone. Additionally, we provide free Manuscript Formatting for your selected journal or an alternative one for 365 days. We also offer...

Manuscript editing by subject-matter experts

Your document will be edited by subject area experts with extensive experience in research and scientific editing. We have editors specialized in various subjects, all of whom are native English speakers with postgraduate-level qualifications.

Re-editing Support

Our Multiple-Round Editing (MRE) allows you to request unlimited re-editing of your document until it is fully prepared for submission. MRE support is included for one year with our Premium and Scientific Editing services (excluding heavily re-written or extensively modified manuscripts). For our Standard Editing service, MRE support is discounted by 60% for one year. Contact us to request an MRE.

Certified Editing

The APS Editing Certificate is a PDF certificate that serves as confirmation of your manuscript being edited by a native English speaker. It signifies that your manuscript, with all proposed changes incorporated, is ready for journal submission.

Additional Support

Even after the completion of your article editing, you can stay in touch with your editor through our Client Questions service. This feature allows you to send any inquiries you have directly to your editor. Access the 'Client Questions' feature by logging into your APS Online Account.

Manuscripts edited in the last 3 years
We provide all kinds of editing and
publication support services.
Researchers in 120+ countries
Your manuscripts will be handled by subject
matter experts for language, accuracy, and tone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Editage, our team of editors consists of subject-matter experts with extensive experience in research and scholarly editing. APS has collaborated with Editage for these services. Additionally, you have the advantage of consulting these experts after the editing process is complete by using our Client Questions service to address any questions you may have.
Our editors and writers undergo training to enhance their skills. They complete the Basic Editor Training (BET) program, which includes 5 standard modules and other specialized courses. Our medical writers receive specific training in guidelines like ICH-GCP, CONSORT, and ICMJE. Moreover, all our editors also receive thorough English language training. They attend external programs and workshops to stay updated on grammar, punctuation, and writing styles for both American and British English.
We offer manuscript editing services to help you meet the requirements of top international journals. We have three levels of editing and proofreading services for academic research papers. You can choose between Standard, Premium, or Scientific Editing services, depending on the level of detail you need for your manuscript. Selecting the right editing service is your first step towards achieving success in publishing your work.
We can edit as per two English language styles – American English and British English. You can choose your preferred language style in the online submission form.
We take the confidentiality of your research seriously. Our employees are aware of the sensitive nature of the documents they handle and are obligated to sign confidentiality agreements that remain valid indefinitely. If necessary, we will also sign confidentiality agreements with you before we begin working together. Furthermore, our data security processes have been certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. To ensure the security of your documents, we utilize a secure Online Job Management System, where only the assigned editor and your client manager can access your information.
Human editing offers distinct advantages over AI editing. Human editors possess contextual understanding, language proficiency, and subject expertise. They adapt to individual needs, offer direct communication, and ensure quality control. Through personalized feedback, error detection, and flexible editing levels, they enhance the overall quality of the document. While automated tools have their uses, human editing provides a comprehensive and tailored approach to improve written communication effectively.
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